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The premarital preparation course is NOT offered to NON-residents. $850 Boat charter fee not included. Marriage License Information for Key West: To obtain a marriage license in Key West, you’ll need to visit the Marriage License Bureau: Address: 500 Whitehead Street. MONROE COUNTY COURTHOUSE LOCATION AND HOURS: HOURS: 8:30AM to 5:00PM MONDAY – FRIDAY (EXCEPT HOLIDAYS). Credit cards are not accepted. If either party has previously been married, please bring a copy of the divorce decree at the time of application if divorce is within the last six months. If you are Florida residents, you may obtain a license at your local county clerk’s office, as well as here in Key West. Cost for marriage license: $113.50. 305.849.1179 Both applicants must appear in person at the time of application. Phone: 305-295-3130. After the ceremony our  officiant will sign the license and file it for you. Below is a schedule of Monroe County and Federal Holidays observed during 2020. (If it ended more than 60 days ago, proof is not required.). Fee is $93.50 If you are from out of state, you will need to get a marriage license from any county in Florida. 500 Whitehead Street, (Corner of Whitehead and Southard, Lester Building) Key West, FL 33040. Stay on track with our helpful Key West Wedding Checklist. Payment may be made to the Clerk of Court by cash, money order, personal check or credit card (there is a $2.50 additional service charge for payment by credit card). Many of these marriage records are available to the public. All Applications must be made in person. One (1) identification is required with the applicant's picture, signature, and birth date. You must perform the ceremony of marriage before this 60 days has expired, (3) day waiting period for Florida residents. Sixteen (16), and Seventeen (17), year olds must have both parent's consent. Both applicants need to appear in person at the Marriage License Office to sign the marriage license application and present a valid driver's license or another government issued id. Applicants do not have to apply for their marriage license in the county where the wedding ceremony will take place. The legal age for marriage, with parent’s consent, is sixteen (16). 302 Southard Street, Suite #209, Key West, FL, 33040. Marriage licenses are issued by counties and you can apply for your license at any County Clerk’s Office in Florida. [CDATA[ (function(d, t) {var g = d.createElement(t);var s = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; = "yelp-biz-badge-script-rrc-UG4ptHI-xM0x46YhkKdSzA";g.src = "//";s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s);}(document, 'script')); // ]]>, Aaron’s Key West Weddings © | Email: | Phone: 305-293-8809 | Sitemap, Check out Aaron's Key West Weddings on Yelp. Payment can be made by personal check, cash, cashier’s check, or money order. ; Pay the license fee by cash, check, money order, or by credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Does the marriage license fee include a marriage certificate? Wedding Requirements. Make sure you have valid photo identification when going for your marriage license (passport, driver’s license, etc., military ID, alien registration card). Complete your marriage license application online. Occupational licenses are administered by the county tax collector. Those couples who have completed a course will have the fee reduced by $32.50 and will have no waiting period to get married, Marriage license is valid for 60 days after issuance. Applicant must be eighteen (18) years old to obtain a marriage license. Florida marriage certificate information. After the marriage, the person who performed the ceremony must return the license, within ten (10) days, to the marriage license section, where it will then be recorded in the Official Records. Key West Boat Wedding Package. Monroe County Clerk of the Circuit Court 2. The marriage license fee does not include a certified copy of your marriage certificate, which can be purchased for an extra $5. Nothing is more romantic than sailing into the sunset as you say, “I do”. LICENSE BY MAIL – Are you visiting Key West on a holiday or weekend? 3.2 Spouse middle name? If within the last six months, the court requires a copy of the death certificate. Boat charter: 2 hour sail (No appointment necessary). You will get the marriage certificate by mail in 3-4 weeks after the  wedding. To secure a marriage license from the county courthouse in Key West, go to 500 Whitehead Street (Monday through Friday – 8:30 to 5:00), the Lester Building 305-292-3458. How much is a marriage license? NOTE:  If either applicant has been previously married, he/she MUST provide the Clerk the DATE his/her last marriage ended by death, divorce or annulment. Where can I find information on obtaining an occupational license? The legal age for marriage without parental consent is eighteen (18) years of age. key west marriage and instructions on how to get marriage license in florida, key west florida marriage license services key west fl, marriage license key west fl, marriage in key west. A $93.50 fee is required at time of marriage license application. If a death was involved, the exact date of death is also required. Most offices require that you arrive before 5 PM to have your marriage license processed that day. Keep in mind: Fee is $86.00. However, if you complete premarital education, the price drops to $36. You can get married in any county in Florida, regardless of where you obtained your marriage license. $93.50 fee for marriage license (Photo ID required) - cash or check only. Wedding Package: Includes ceremony, flowers and photography. 305-396-7602 Sitemap The marriage ceremony must be held within that 60 day timeframe to be valid. 3.3 Spouse last name at time of the event? All U.S. Citizens must also provide their Social Security Number. If you are considering getting married in beautiful Key West, give Key West Casual Weddings a call to start planning your destination wedding today! How to get Florida marriage license by mail. You Should   bring the license with you for the ceremony. The island is 4 miles long and 1 mile wide. Key West Courthouse information. The only exceptions to the 3-day waiting period are: If both applicants reside out-of-state and are able to present valid proof of photo identification indicating their out-of-state address at the time of filing the marriage license application. No credit cards accepted. Spouse 1 name and information. After the marriage, the person who performed the ceremony must return the license, within ten (10) days, to the marriage license section, where it will then be recorded in the Official Records. A West Virginia marriage license costs $56. The First Step in order to obtain and acquire your Marriage License for the State of Florida is to apply for the license at any Florida courthouse. When applying for a marriage license, upon furnishing a valid certificate of completion from a premarital course conducted by a registered premarital provider the application fee shall be reduced from $93.50 to $61.00. Marriage Licenses. This is also the perfect choice for couples wanting the most privacy and the best view of the Key West sunset. There is no waiting period for NON- Florida residents. 302 Southard Street, Suite #209, Key West, FL, 33040. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and provide the office with identification containing a photograph and birth date. Where do I get a marriage license? How to get your marriage license in Key West. MARRIAGE LICENSE FEE:  $93.50 (not included in our services). If you are younger, parent's consent/consent of a County Judge, and proven pregnancy may apply, depending on the age and situation. Marriage licenses can be obtained from the Clerk of the Court Couples wishing to be married in the state of Florida must obtain for a marriage license. Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport or State ID with picture). The Monroe County Clerk’s Office does not issue marriage licenses and does not keep copies of marriage licenses. Marriage licenses must be applied for in person with BOTH the prospective bride AND groom present. 2.2 County where the marriage license was issued? //

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