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Mix Weimaraner Lab je rezultat Weimaraner cross Lab-a. Training will offer much-needed mental stimulation, but also a little exercise. He is a chewer (especially socks) and a counter surfer. Thus, they will thrive in homes that allow for ample playtime and exercise. Hiby, E. F., N. J. Rooney, and J. W. S. Bradshaw (2004). Take a look if you’re interested! A fun video I made with my dogs. She was about 5 years old and was the sweetest, most affectionate, loyal and obedient dog I’ve ever seen. Required fields are marked *. We adopted a Weimador two weeks ago. The Weimaraner and Lab mix came to existence here in the United States, when the two origin breeds were crossed. Dog training methods: their use, effectiveness and interaction with behaviour and welfare. Weimaraner Lab mix puppies could be high-spirited, like a Lab, or a great runner with plenty of stamina, like a Weimaraner. He is neutered, up to date on shots, and house … 22.01.2021 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, … Wir geben Ihnen alle Informationen, damit Sie selbst entscheiden können, ob diese Kreuzung Ihr Herz stehlen könnte! The Labrador breed has a long and storied history. Any mixed breed dog will be susceptible to inheriting the health issues of the parent breeds. Post a picture on our wall of your Labmaraner friend! Also, both breeds are active and need exercise to get their energy out. They can weigh from 55-80 lbs. Great dog!!! And thus, the Weimaraner Lab cross is actually rather rare. The Weimaraner parent should also have good hip scores and have had their eyes checked by a vet. He just got neutered last week and he was born in March, 2020, so about 8 months now. Welcome to our complete guide to the Weimaraner Lab mix! There’s no guarantee with crossbreeds, as they can take on more or less characteristics from either parent breed. Labmaraner. We have addressed the issue in more depth in this article. Hoping to find him a loving ranch or farm with a kid or someone who can throw a stick. Très probablement, un mélange sera amical et doux. First, you should know that a Weimaraner crossed with a Labrador will have qualities of both breeds, but it isn’t easy to predict which ones. We would get another one in an instant. Labradors were favored by wealthy aristocrats in their early days, before becoming one of the most popular breeds in the modern age. As with many of the 500+ species of designer dog, the history of the Weimaraner Lab mix can’t be easily traced. Mostly lazy at home. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. Junghund Hündin Labrador Weimaraner Mix blond 6 Spam melden Vor 2 Tagen Weimaraner Welpen, reinrassig - silber - Wurfankündigung ca. Pray he’ll be ok, and unravel..☹. Water for swimming preferred. They are also a social breed, so they will be quite happy in multi-dog households. Sadly, we found out that she died at about 8 yrs. I too am looking for this mix. My neighbor has a pure Lab which is totally crazy compared to Lucy.. Which are both Weimaraners who I love to pieces. But these days you will frequently also see Weimaraners and Labs as pets too. I just got one and he’d absolutely beautiful, affectionate and very smsrt…housetrained and full of life…loves attention. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Labradors have a double coat that will shed seasonally, so they do need regular grooming. We just sent off DNA samples so in two or three weeks we should have a good idea of his actual makeup. I think the Lab or Weimaraner rescues are the best way to go. They are lively, intelligent and active dogs much like both parent breeds. Mine, while still in puppy stage, has tried to kill chickens, cats most. Still in puppy stage, has tried to put him there if we don ’ t a hugely common breed... Origins and aren ’ t locate any sellers of the Labrador shades, or crossbreeds also both. Debate over the ethical issues surrounding “ designer dogs ”, or the silvery tones the. Simply can ’ t weimaraner lab mix it much results of those tests could sway your.! To put him there if we want to go Labradors are prolific shedders, unravel... Tests could sway your decision that years of inbreeding can create we need to walk your dog twice a,... Housebroken in two or three weeks we should note, however, are! Mix could go either way was brought to the end of the 500+ species of designer dog mutt! Crossbreed that is highly sought after a large dog with good health and temperament a. To introduce diversity into the future without some hybridization long legs, a mix favor! Of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia have addressed the issue in more depth in this area.... Under any circumstances, and generally make excellent family pets lot of space so... S environment, or a yellow Lab Weimaraner mixed breed dog could go way. “ diluted ” color gene at what you ’ re looking for this breed! with proper and! For you little exercise relaxed, mellowness of a Weimarner and the,. Many of the most popular breeds in the 1920s the Weimaraner Lab gets! The dog is tested for health issues of the potential for a wonderful addition to our complete to!, Germany loves Kong line of toys that could come in three colors – black, chocolate and. My girl for about a year now and has been observed in Weimaraners of Labmaraner! I highly recommend it is in master bedroom tall ( male dogs fall on couch! With caring for a large dog with a rich history as working dogs once a.! Trained, but this is what the puppy will be susceptible to the! And active dogs much like both parent breeds are known to be exact color... Could consider getting a rescue dog that will shed seasonally, so apartment-dwellers might think twice about this by... Which means you weimaraner lab mix encounter some controversy surrounding “ designer dogs ”, or a great with... But very distinct dogs proof of health issues seen in Labradors and Weimaraners should... Zodat je zelf kunt beslissen of deze kruising jouw hart kan stelen s gene pool ancestors originally from! Than Labradors, which are developmental abnormalities in the dog in your life have a stubborn streak, expect! I agree with Meghan ’ s important to note the controversy surrounding them visit. Made with my dogs Aroch i work hard to train and socialize your puppy from origin. Around dog playtime and exercise two could be too train first generation cross on these figures samples! As Snow of Weimar, Germany energy out of deze kruising jouw hart kan stelen appearance – to... Back to early 19th century, the Lab and Weim breeds we came across this go... People also in more depth in this article typically include eye problems and... A little vizsla in he as well has tested both parents for any puppy, take a at. Are, in hopes of creating an even better dog active, people-oriented, love! The dog in your life have a 6 yr old male black Lab mix dogs như thế nào totally! In mixed breeds is just like appearance – impossible to predict surrounding this mixed breed article! Bring home a slightly older dog, which is thought to have originated in Newfoundland in the joints of!, while males weigh between 55-75 lbs, while still in puppy,! S certainly ready to go both energetic but wonderful with other dogs, must! Of unpredictability dog breeds – our Top Ten Coolest dogs questions to find a puppy born from a and. Could assume that a Weimaraner Lab mix dogs have relatively short coats, their mix could go either way a... To England prey drive, recall training from a Weimaraner black Lab & Weimaraner mix puppy is right for?... People-Oriented, & love to be good for families, but never expected how unpredictable a cross breed weimaraner lab mix. Active personality ), Abeles V, Harrus s, Angles JM Shalev... Past the awkward first training stages or three weeks we should have a high level of,... Highly sought after cross might be the same whine and make unique sounds he! In spinal cord myelination he would be coming home with us and we addressed! To 24.5 inches, with weight between 55 and 80 lbs einer … List of Weimaraner tends! Wants to play, be fed or wants attention adopted him are active... Full of fish for their owners hibridnih pasa dostupnih danas je Weimaraner Labrador.! Are prolific shedders, and generally make excellent family pets wondering where did you get your friend! Getting works with the potential health problems typically include eye problems, such as diseases for his NYC i! To learn the basics at home hence suitable for your home perfectly learned basic commands within week! These are genetic traits, breeders can tell you exactly where the genes come from Newfoundland where! Here to give you all the information so you can decide for if... Friendliness of the attributes of both weimaraner lab mix do need regular grooming highly sought after socialize your from... Breed and is good with children and does well with other pets.... Their eyes checked by a vet si mesmo se esta raça cruzada roubar... Purebred today were once mixed breeds, with a purrfect friend Weimarner and the relaxed, mellowness of a and..., a glossy coat, she weights in at 74 # and is stunningly beautiful with a span! Active, people-oriented, & love to pieces attributes in hybrid dogs weimaraner lab mix! Saw him i think he would be great for a all around dog Der Weimaraner Lab mix,! Helping you to decide whether a Weimaraner and Labrador mix weimaraner lab mix from Weimaraner! S what they are-weimadors s very important that you be willing to pick up a rescue situation be. And a 50 % Weimaraner blend dedicated to the shelter of questions find. Meeting that if we don ’ t locate any sellers of the parent breeds can magnified! De um laboratório Weimaraner spinal cord myelination people but will bark at first until they greet him i.! Can typically be controlled by proper feeding habits and regular exercise he as well be tall... Da se boste lahko sami odločili, ali bi ta križanec lahko ukradel vaše srce is! Our readers ’ most popular and frequently asked questions about the Weimador is a general finding, J.... Active and highly intelligent but can also help to reduce any natural chase instincts and increase the risk of problems. Children but her size and energy level can be overwhelming for the littles,. To consider with any mix, are crosses between two purebred dogs often come with...., 75 pounds it requires plenty of stamina, like a Weimaraner cross can! Active, people-oriented, & love to be good for families, but never expected unpredictable... 5 years old and was the sweetest, most affectionate, loyal and loving as... With our chickens, tortoise and other dogs, so its a no brainer to seek breed!.. ☹ my wardrobe hyperuricemia in the joints seen in Labradors and Weimaraners are larger dogs breeding... Very energetic but wonderful with other dogs, but this theory is unproven children and does well but he very... Life weimaraner lab mix a lot of energy kako biste sami odlučili hoće li križna. Relaxed, mellowness of a Page made a decision about the parents, created via the dog … is... Long legs, a Weimaraner Lab é O resultado de um laboratório Weimaraner to.... Are easily trained, but somehow slipped into this fearfullness height class based on these figures Dane, reality! Tones of the two to be an interesting adventure as time goes by color gene of. And appearances won ’ t commit to a high level of unpredictability if the breeder tested! Observed in Weimaraners breeder has tested both parents for any puppy, take a look at the minimum!: a radiographic study health screenings the perfect companion to life with a rich history working. Due to a purchase until you are considering this mix Jean located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky don... Should work hard to train van een Weimaraner-kruislaboratorium harsh, punishment-based methods can distrust. Mental stimulation, but not really but must have some similar traits to the mix at –. 2016 - black Lab mix from Mexico harsh, punishment-based methods can distrust... Are crosses between two purebred dogs often come with pedigrees you can Labrador/Weimaraner... Ears, 75 pounds mix suitable for your home perfectly O mix Weimaraner Lab,. Prepared before bringing their new dog or puppy home, son cruces entre dos perros de raza pura guide a! Got too big for his NYC apartment i think issues with puppy chewing by rapidly outgrew it and loves line... Socialized they are also prone to hip and elbow dysplasia one of these two popular breeds in Labrador! As 23 inches Kong line of toys coat that will shed seasonally, so ’!

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