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2020 Season Registration

    The 2020 season lasts from the end of July through December.
    Online Registration

    Registration Forms

    Registration forms are now available online.  These forms can be completed and printed out.  This will reduce the mistakes and make the registration process faster.Click here for the  <2020 Meriden Raiders Football and Cheer Player Registration Forms

    PLEASE PRINT OUT THE FORMS and bring them with you to the registration dates.

    Required Documents for Registration:

    The following documents are required before the start of practice.  Bring in the forms to any of the registration dates.

    Original Birth Certificate for new athletes
    Completed Medical Clearance Form
    Completed Registration Forms
    End Of Year Report Card for 2019-2020


    Registration Dates:

    Locations and times listed below:

    July 27th: Season begins!!!


    Registration Fee / Payment Plan:

    Online registration is now open for the 2020 Football & Cheer Season.

    January 25th – $100
    January 26th – June 1st $150
    June 1st – August 31st or until our rosters are filled (whichever comes first) $200

    There will no longer be a discount for multiple players in the same household.

    Method Of Payment:

    Cash, Money Orders and/or Credit/Debit Cards will be accepted for registration payment at the Registration Dates. Checks are NOT accepted.